Promoting Health and Wellbeing in Contemporary Society

This module forms part of the Bachelor of Science Degrees (Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies) but can also be taken as a stand-alone module.
Module code: 
NB30036 Local & International
SCQF Level: 
9 (6)
SCQF Credits: 
30 (15)
Total student effort: 
300 hours

Target audience

This module is suitable for all healthcare professionals.

Delivery details

This module is delivered entirely online through MyDundee (the University virtual learning environment). All materials are provided through this medium. E-learning offers students easy access to web resources and documents needed for their studies, as well as facilitating discussions and the exchange of ideas with fellow students and tutors. Anyone with access to the internet and basic IT skills will be able to use MyDundee.

Module aims

This module provides students the opportunity to explore a range of issues relating to health promotion and wellbeing within a contemporary healthcare context.

Module overview

In studying this module students will cover the following:

  • Evidence based practice in health promotion
  • Contextualising health promotion – concepts of health and health promotion
  • Health promotion theories, models and approaches
  • Settings based health promotion
  • Determinants of health
  • Health Inequalities
  • Shifting patterns of health
  • Politics, policy and ethics
  • Health promotion in a global context
  • Globalisation and health
  • Health promotion and the role of the nurse

Learning outcomes

  • Critically appraise the evidence base for health promotion practice.
  • Critically analyse a range of theoretical approaches to health promotion and their application to practice.
  • Explore the influence of current public health policy and practice on the promotion of health and wellbeing.
  • Debate current ethical, socio-political and cultural issues in relation to heath promotion.
  • Develop a critical awareness of the broad determinants of health in a global context.
  • Explore the role and contribution of health and social care professionals in promoting health and wellbeing in contemporary society.

Assessment Strategy

The assessment is a 4,500 word essay in which the student should explore an issue relating to health and wellbeing in contemporary society.

The assignment needs to include:

  • reference to the evidence base regarding the chosen issue
  • evidence of theoretical and conceptual understanding in relation to health and health promotion
  • current public health policy – local, national and global relevance for nursing practice

Module requirements

To undertake this module, students must have access to a computer and internet (preferably broadband) and have basic IT skills.

Module leader; To be confirmed.

For further information, please contact the programme manager on:
Telephone: +44 (0)1382 381975+44 (0)1382 381975