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School of Nursing & Midwifery
11 Airlie Place, Dundee,

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My research interests are in acute and critical care nursing. The main focus of my research is patient outcome and rehabilitation after intensive care. Outcomes include both physical (Health Related Quality of Life) and emotional (Anxiety, Depression and Post-traumatic Stress), and also includes the influence of patients’ reported experience on subsequent emotional outcome. Other research interests include evaluating the Leading Better Care Role Framework, Patient Safety and Patients experiences of care.

Current funding

Establishing Heads of Nursing job activity in an acute setting. Herber O, Jones M, Rattray J, NHS Tayside £20,000. 2012-2013.

A stepped-wedge, evaluation of two nursing team initiatives to improve patient care for acute, in-patient adults in NHS Tayside. Jones M, Rattray J, Maguire R, Entwistle V, Donnan P, Baldie D. Scottish Government. £304,109. 2012-2014.

Engaging Patients in Understanding and Improving the Critical Illness Journey (EPIC). Ramsay P, Walsh T, Rattray J, Smith P, Kean S. Edinburgh and Lothian’s Health Foundation & Scottish Intensive Care Society. £60,000. 2012-2013.

Development and Evaluation of a Rehabilitation Complex Intervention for Patients Following Intensive Care Discharge (RECOVER Study). Walsh T, Huby G, Ramsay P, Hull A, Rattray J, Salisbury L, Forbes J, Merriweather J, Lewis S, Mackenzie S. Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Government. 2010-2012.

Recovery following critical illness: a Longitudinal Qualitative exploration of perceived healthcare and support needs among survivors: developing timely internvetions following hospital discharge. Ramsay P, Huby G, Rattray J, Salisbury L, Walsh T, Kean S. NHS Lothian 2010-2012.

Extending the assesment of patient centredness in NHS Tayside. Jones M, Williams B, Rattray J, McGillvery S, McKenna E, Abubakari R. NHS Tayside 2010-2011.



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